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Hi, I'm Kari! 

I'm excited that you're looking into building a better relationship with your dog, and would be honored to help you in the process.   

After adopting my dog Crosby from a local rescue in 2014, I jumped head first into the world of rescuing and fostering dogs.  I discovered quickly that most dogs coming through rescue had some sort of behavior issue whether it be separation anxiety, socialization, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity, or aggression.  I also began to realize that I had a natural awareness with dogs and their behavior that allowed me to get them successful for their adoptive homes.  

In May of 2015, I traveled to Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California and completed the Fundamentals I Course in the Training Cesar's Way program.  You see, I have been in your shoes before.  That sweet pit/boxer mix boy with the charming smile in the picture to the left was my assistant in the most transformational experience of my life.  I struggled with his (and my) anxiety and insecurity like I'd never struggled before and it was through working with him (and Cesar, of course) that I learned how our energy matters--AND, how to manage and use it constructively in training instead of allowing it to derail everything.  

When Buddy and I returned from California, I knew that my life's work was (and is) to be an agent of change in how we relate to and live with our dogs.  Whether its teaching puppy socialization, basic obedience, or working on a severe behavior modification case I have found that our dogs are here to teach us about much more than dog training.  My goal in working with every dog and their owner is to relay those life lessons and help facilitate a relationship based on both trust AND respect. 

In the years since, I've made it a point to continue my education by joining the International Association of Canine Professionals, attending conferences and workshops, becoming a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist, and employing a whole-body approach to training and behavior modification. 

A little about me and my pack--we call Parker, Colorado home and enjoy being outdoors, supporting local small businesses, and sporting together. I'm active in the Conformation ring with my Alaskan Malamutes Guru and Eden and my rescue pups Crosby, Buddy, and Faith are big fans of Nosework!  

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