Social School

Socialization is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on being different from other daycares.  Our unique format encourages calm interactions with other dogs and a true representation of a social dog.  We welcome ALL dogs at any level of social skill, and truly enjoy working with even the most difficult cases!  


Social School runs  weekly, Tuesday-Friday with drop off 8-10am and pick up 5-7pm.  During your pup's stay with us they'll work on building confidence with other dogs, learn how to play with different dogs in different play styles, and be fully supported along the way.  We interrupt unwanted behaviors like humping, obsessive vocalization, chasing and biting of appendages, grabbing and tugging of collars and necks, and teach dogs to instead engage in reciprocal and healthy play.


If your dog struggles with being around other dogs, we'll work at their pace to build confidence and help facilitate them making positive choices in a group environment.  Dogs are naturally social beings that truly benefit from the opportunity to engage one another appropriately.  Socialization can also help facilitate behavior modification training for leash reactivity, fear aggression, and many other common behavior issues.

Social School Pricing

Single Day                   ...$35

5 Days                        ...$165

10 Days                      ...$310

Unlimited Monthly    ...$350