Dog Walker at the Park

Professional Programs 

Ready to take your business to the next level?  We're here to help.  

Virtual Mentorship

Bring your biggest concerns to our twice-monthly virtual round table where we'll help you to unpack the issue and create a plan going forward.  Business questions, programs and packages, personal development, specific case roadblocks--the sky is the limit.                                                          



Reverse Shadow 

Add an optional 2 day public workshop immediately following to help offset the cost of your shadow program! 

$2500 +travel

Partake in a three day intensive shadow program where Kari will come to you and work in and on your business with you.  Traditional shadow programs are cookie cutter, one size fits all.  The reverse shadow program is tailored to your business and will have a direct and immediate result as such.  Whether you own and operate a large scale facility or focus solely on private lessons, Kari will help you elevate your model and boost your success and client satisfaction.  

  • Learn how to safely and successfully work difficult and aggressive dogs into your social environments.  

  • Advance your skills with complex behavior cases.

  • Elevate your group class curriculum and results.

  • Expand your client communication skills.

  • Augment your offerings with remote collar training.                             

                                                                                                         $5700 +travel​

Individual Consulting

Deep Dive 

    2 hour intensive study (virtual or local in person) on your business to uncover areas for growth and help you to achieve a sustainable and heart driven model that prevents burnout and better serves your clients.  

Launch & Grow

     6 month program designed to get your business off the ground and flourishing through weekly strategy meetings and direct access through MarcoPolo in between meetings.  Business structure and format, client communications, marketing your business, developing solid curriculum, we'll cover whatever you need to get successful. 

Shift & Hone

    3 month program focused on taking the business you've built and molding it into the business you wish for with bi-weekly strategy meetings and direct access through MarcoPolo in between meetings.  Identifying your pain points and getting outside the box for solutions will take your business from something you do to something you thrive in.