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Private Training

Private in home lessons offer the chance to get you hands on practice in the environment you need it most.  We'll teach you our unique curriculum that will get you success on the leash and teach you how to address any unwanted behaviors in two lessons.  From there, we can support you in any goal you have!  Want to earn a Trick Dog title, learn Obedience commands, or achieve off leash reliability? We've got your back!

Private lessons run 60-90 minutes depending on what we're covering and are $150/lesson.  If you're ready now, you can schedule HERE.  Still have questions?  Email us HERE!

Addressing behavior issues is a complex process that often requires more clarity and consistency in communication than that can be achieved in the home.  By removing your dog from his/her current environment, we have the ability to shift and change the source of the behavior issue rather than just attempting to address the symptoms.  The result is a more balanced dog at the end of their stay with us, and a less stressful and more fluid transition back home to you.  But changing your dogs' behavior isn't as simple as just shipping your dog away to boot camp.


With our unique follow-through program, we come along side of you in the transition home to help ensure your extended success. Every Board & Train includes 4 hours of private training for you, 6 months of unlimited email and phone support, access to our unique Facebook community, and a wide array of ongoing classes, clinics, and workshops.  We've learned that the follow-through support is the single most important part of accomplishing real and lasting change in your relationship.  We take our job seriously and consider each and every client a member of the family.

Is a Board and Train Right For You?

Board & Train Programs

Puppy Basics                                                                      $1950

In 2 weeks, we'll get your puppy (1 yr and under) in tip top shape from socializing appropriately with other dogs to walking nicely on a loose leash and having the best puppy manners around!  This program includes lots of socialization and field trips and what we call Life Skills (riding calmly in the car, loose leash walking, greeting new people appropriately, etc.)  Of course, the ticket to extended success is truly teaching you how to maintain a successful and balanced relationship with your dog.   

Better Behavior Board and Train                                        $2950

In this 3 week board and train program, we will take the time to build a new relationship with your dog and then use that new relationship to help them change their reaction and interaction with the world.  Common issues addressed in this program include mild-moderate fears and anxieties, mild-moderate aggression with people and/or dogs, and overall unruly behavior.  


Premier Board and Train                                                   $4350 

This 4-6 week program is designed for dogs dealing with more severe and difficult issues like moderate-severe aggression, fear, and anxiety.  In addition to addressing the major issues, we will cover 'Life Skills' like coming when called, riding comfortably in cars, walking nicely on a leash, basic commands like sit, down, stay, and more. When your pup graduates from their time, they will be well on their way to a more balanced and happy life.  

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