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Puppy Play                                                                                                                        Free

This seasonal socialization class is solely for puppies between the age of 3 and 6 months.  In this critical stage of life, puppies are learning acceptable levels of play and interaction with other dogs and humans and we're here to help facilitate that! Class begins promptly at the scheduled time and runs for 45 minutes.  Puppies should be current on vaccines and not actively displaying any signs of illness including coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, runny poops, etc. Register Here to let us know you'll be attending! 

Saturday Social                                                                   $10/class, $80 for 10 class package



Our Saturday Social class is a great opportunity for dogs to get beneficial socialization with other dogs and people.  This class is a drop-in class and is is 45 minutes long.  CONTACT US to set up your social evaluation today!

Basics                                                                                                        $225 6 week course


In this 6 week course, you'll learn basic obedience skills including sit, down, stay, come, heel, place, and loose leash walking.  You'll learn the basics of dog communication, how to address unwanted behaviors, and build your relationship based on trust and respect.  Dogs at least 4 months of age will benefit from this group class environment.  REGISTER HERE to join our next class!

3-D Obedience                                                                                           $185 6 week course



Join us for a 6 week Obedience course to work on the 3-D's of Obedience: Distance, Duration, and Distraction!  First, you'll learn how to manage your dog from a distance on and off leash and then we'll take field trips to practice and refine your skills!  Class will be held at a variety of different locations including our facility, O'Brien Park, and Wag 'N Wash!  This class is best suited for dogs that have a solid foundation in Basic Obedience skills and are looking to expand and build on those skills.  

Drop-In Obedience                                                              $10/class, $80 for 10 class package



Our Drop-In Obedience class is different every week!  We practice a variety of commands including sit, down, place, heel, and recall with new distractions and dogs each class.  This class is best suited for dogs and handlers that have completed a Basic Obedience course and are looking to continue their practice in a stimulating environment.  Check our monthly calendar to see class times and availability coming up!


Remote Collar Obedience                                  $185 class only, $400 including Remote Collar   

Begin your journey to off leash reliability with your dog!  This 6 week course is intended for dogs that have already completed a Basic Obedience course (with us, or at another facility).  You and your dog will learn how to humanely introduce a remote collar, layer it in with already established commands, and expand its use towards off leash reliability.  **If you already own a remote collar and intend to use it in this class, please contact us to ensure it is on our approved list of collars.  Some collars, while less expensive, are not dependable and/or fair to use.** 


Nosework Classes   


We are pleased to be hosting Caitlin Long with The Joyful Canine, LLC for Nosework classes and drop ins!  Caitlin handles all registration for her classes so if you're interested in joining you can email her at!  Beginner Nosework classes are 6 weeks long and start you on odor the first night of class!  To attend a drop in class, you must register 48 hours in advance to reserve a spot, as we are full at 5 dogs.  

Intro to Rally Obedience                                                                                            $20/class

Join Caitlin Long with The Joyful Canine, LLC for a crash course in Rally Obedience! This unique drop in class focuses on 3-5 signs and provides you the opportunity to practice each one individually, and then chain them together at the end of class.  This is a great option for brand new Rally students or anyone looking to brush up their skills.  To register each week, email

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